[coreboot] [regression] Increased romstage boot time on ASRock E350M1 (AMD Family 14h)

Paul Menzel paulepanter at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Jan 10 13:40:35 CET 2016

Dear coreboot folks,

on the ASRock E350M1, I lately noticed that the SeaBIOS banner takes
longer to appear. And looking at the logs board status [1], the time
stamps stored in CBMEM confirm this.

$ grep 1st asrock/e350m1/4.2-*/*/coreboot_timestamps.txt
asrock/e350m1/4.2-33-g42444f6/2015-10-30T17:54:28Z/coreboot_timestamps.txt:   0:1st timestamp                                     368,199
asrock/e350m1/4.2-36-g0ace013/2015-10-31T13:22:12Z/coreboot_timestamps.txt:   0:1st timestamp                                     368,416
asrock/e350m1/4.2-37-gab35575/2015-10-31T18:23:47Z/coreboot_timestamps.txt:   0:1st timestamp                                     367,904
asrock/e350m1/4.2-41-g3c47e8a/2015-10-31T20:39:02Z/coreboot_timestamps.txt:   0:1st timestamp                                     367,829
asrock/e350m1/4.2-42-g0746452/2015-10-31T21:11:04Z/coreboot_timestamps.txt:   0:1st timestamp                                     368,081
asrock/e350m1/4.2-43-g160ad6a/2015-10-31T21:12:09Z/coreboot_timestamps.txt:   0:1st timestamp                                     368,290
asrock/e350m1/4.2-44-gbabb2e6/2015-10-31T21:14:48Z/coreboot_timestamps.txt:   0:1st timestamp                                     368,023
asrock/e350m1/4.2-53-gf6dc544/2015-11-01T13:27:02Z/coreboot_timestamps.txt:   0:1st timestamp                                     368,470
asrock/e350m1/4.2-58-g65eec4d/2015-11-02T15:41:33Z/coreboot_timestamps.txt:   0:1st timestamp                                     679,462
asrock/e350m1/4.2-628-g62c0276/2015-12-29T17:17:01Z/coreboot_timestamps.txt:   0:1st timestamp                                     1,528,198
asrock/e350m1/4.2-701-gb95a074/2016-01-08T01:44:15Z/coreboot_timestamps.txt:   0:1st timestamp                                     1,298,841
asrock/e350m1/4.2-702-gfecc24a/2016-01-08T16:21:59Z/coreboot_timestamps.txt:   0:1st timestamp                                     1,289,489
asrock/e350m1/4.2-703-g8846382/2016-01-09T21:18:59Z/coreboot_timestamps.txt:   0:1st timestamp                                     1,289,756

Unfortunately, there was a time, where I had forgotten to select this
option, so I am still bisecting this.

I thought, it might have been fixed with the commit 4.2-630-g65e33c0
below [1], but it’s not.

commit 65e33c08a9a88c52baaadaf515b9591856115a77
Author: Nico Huber <nico.huber at secunet.com>
Date:   Mon Dec 28 20:17:13 2015 +0100

    x86: Align CBFS on top of ROM
    Since the introduction of the new (interim?) master header, coreboot
    searches the whole ROM for CBFS entries. Fix that by aligning it on top
    of the ROM.
    Change-Id: I080cd4b746169a36462a49baff5e114b1f6f224a

Do you know, which commit the commit message referred to?

Looking more into it, Nico’s commit was reverted in commit 4.2-673-
g12c55ed [3] and the logic reworked.

commit 12c55eda11453ed1e7a24e218338831f67cd5de6
Author: Aaron Durbin <adurbin at chromium.org>
Date:   Mon Jan 4 13:57:07 2016 -0600

    Revert "x86: Align CBFS on top of ROM"
    This reverts commit 65e33c08a9a88c52baaadaf515b9591856115a77.
    This was the wrong logic to fix the master header.

    Change-Id: I4688034831f09ac69abfd0660c76112deabd62ec

If you have any suggestions, please tell me. Otherwise, I’d continue
trying to bisect this.

And unfortunately, I am unable to provide romstage messages, as I still
haven’t got the serial header for the board.

So if somebody else, Stefan, Martin, Kevin, could provide that, that
would be awesome.



PS: I’ll try to create a ticket for this issue in the bug tracker [4]
this evening.

[1] https://review.coreboot.org/gitweb?p=board-status.git;a=summary
[2] https://review.coreboot.org/12810
[3] https://review.coreboot.org/12824
[4] https://ticket.coreboot.org/
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