[coreboot] Proposal: Removing obsolete & EOL boards and chipsets for 4.2 release

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Tue Oct 27 09:34:59 CET 2015

Alex G. wrote:
> > I'd like to start a discussion about boards, chipsets, drivers, or
> > other code that can be removed from the tree.
> All of AGESA fam10 and fam15. With Raptop Engineering upstreaming native
> support, I don't think we want to haul around the AGESA implementations,
> which have been troublesome in the past.
> Actually, branch off those boards, keep them alive in their little
> branch, but remove them from master.

Hm maybe. It's important that the boards which use AGESA are still
available somehow, so that they could be ported to coreboot init
if someone has interest in doing that. Maybe a branch is good enough.


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