[coreboot] GM45 S3 resume issues

Patrick 'P. J.' McDermott pj at pehjota.net
Thu Nov 12 04:37:14 CET 2015

On 2015-11-11 16:50, Nico Huber wrote:
> Hi,
> On 11.11.2015 00:49, Patrick 'P. J.' McDermott wrote:
>> I've been looking into S3 resume on GM45 mainboards, which often fails
>> in rather interesting ways.
> Well, the S3 support wasn't really tested during GM45 development. Maybe
> it's just plainly broken. My development system at work (roda/rk9)
> doesn't resume because of another problem (but didn't fail raminit on
> the resume path in 3 of 3 tries). So it will need some work before I can
> test this.

Ah, OK.  What kind of other problem?  In addition to the raminit reset,
I've seen resume fail by an SMM hang and in other ways.

> Thanks for taking the time to test on different systems and looking into
> this. Can you try to find out which processors (model, stepping) and
> northbridge stepping was used? Also did you use the latest processor
> microcode?

I've seen S3 resume problems occur on X200 units with CPUID 10676
(microcode revision 0x6, stepping M0).  I've also seen reports of
problems on X200 units with CPUID 1067A (microcode revision 0xA,
stepping R0, the latest available stepping/microcode).

I have a T400 with CPUID 1067A (again, latest available microcode) that
fails to resume, but I've also seen a report of a T400 on which S3
resume works.

On all tested systems, the northbridge stepping is B3, the only
available stepping for this northbridge.

The logs in my previous message are from a couple of X200 units with
10676 and a T400 with 1067A.

Patrick "P. J." McDermott
Lead Developer, ProteanOS

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