[coreboot] Improvement of coreboot code

Paul Menzel paulepanter at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Jun 23 22:29:23 CEST 2014

Dear Karl-Heinz,

Am Samstag, den 21.06.2014, 13:45 +0200 schrieb Karl-Heinz Nirschl:

> last time was with a yonah / 945gm / ich7 based system. i think that was
> 3-4 years ago (coreboot v2?)
> maybe that statement is somewhat subjective and i have just more experience
> with stuff like that in the meantime. i don't have that code anymore but i
> think things a just more straight forward and understandable.
> moreover i found it was a lot easier to get a working build that at least
> puts out some postcodes and debug log. i think it didn't even compile
> without modifications the last time.
> an very important reason is that i have exactly the same board - having
> (intel) reference boards actively supported makes starting much easier.
> last time it was hard to find a supported mainboard that could be bought
> somewhere.

thank you for the detailed response! It’s useful, because when I look at
code a lot over a long period of time, at least I miss how it
improves/changes over time. So the view from outside is good to know.


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