[coreboot] C720 swapparoo

John Lewis jlewis at johnlewis.ie
Wed Jan 29 20:30:12 CET 2014

Forgot to hit reply to all/list, again ...

On 29/01/14 19:14, Duncan Laurie wrote:

 > Of course you could also replace the payload with SeaBIOS directly if
 > you are so inclined.  This is just a way to enable default legacy mode
 > without having to modify the underlying firmware.
 > -duncan

Many thanks for the comprehensive answer, Duncan. That will certainly 
keep many C720 users happy. However, as I would also ultimately like to 
get rid of nag screens, etc, the quoted bit above leads me to more 
questions. What do you mean by replacing the payload, literally 
replacing one of the payloads or compiling my own coreboot? As the 
binaries are not in the third-party repo, is it possible to successfully 
extract and use them from the stock ROM?


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