[coreboot] High demand for CLI payload: Use GRUB 2?

Paul Menzel paulepanter at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Jan 23 22:59:21 CET 2014

Dear coreboot folks,

in the coreboot IRC channel it was mentioned that a lot of vendors want
to have a CLI (command line interface) payload. To get that they even
used U-Boot as a payload. Though nobody understand the reason for this
demand, the common opinion was to just give in and provide a solution
for their problem.

As getting a CLI payload with for example auto-completion, help texts
and so on is tiresome and probably takes some work, I wonder why GRUB 2
is not a suitable solution? It’s very modular and thanks to Vladimir
works very well as a payload for some time now.

Though normally a menu is shown, you can drop into the command line and
have a lot of commands depending on the modules you built.

Could people in contact with the vendors please tell us, what the
requirements from the vendors are?

Do you also know if GRUB 2 does not fulfill one of these requirements?


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