[coreboot] #186: 3com 3c905tx / gpxe boot problem

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Sat Jan 11 07:43:51 CET 2014

#186: 3com 3c905tx / gpxe boot problem
    Reporter:  jeroenkrabbendam@…  |         Owner:  stepan@…
        Type:  defect              |        Status:  new
    Priority:  minor               |     Milestone:
   Component:  coreboot            |    Resolution:
    Keywords:  gpxe                |  Dependencies:
Patch Status:  there is no patch   |

Comment (by Christopher Chavez <chrischavez@…>):

 Are you able to reflash the nic rom? I would see if iPXE does anything
 different, you can generate a rom at http://rom-o-matic.eu/ , or maybe see
 if using a boot disk (floppy/cd) build of gpxe/ipxe does the same thing.
 Just a suggestion :) --Fellow novice (since 2006)

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