[coreboot] AMD laptop recommendation (was: BadBIOS Thoughts)

mrnuke mr.nuke.me at gmail.com
Thu Jan 2 00:15:39 CET 2014

On Wednesday, January 01, 2014 04:09:06 PM Paul Menzel wrote:
> I got the Ultrabook Asus U38N-C4010H with the processor A8-4555M and the
> chipset AMD A70M (Hudson M3). As it is an Ultrabook it looks pretty
> nice, but the hardware is highly integrated and not easily accessible.
> I’ll put Debian GNU/Linux on it now and keep you posted with further
> information about the Linux support (useful for Chrome OS support) if
> you are interested.
You only really need to get to the flash chip and a USB port, unless the flash 
is a TSOP, in which case, I'd call SOL.


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