[coreboot] Ram Init: Intel i945: Timing parameters

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Wed Feb 19 20:46:38 CET 2014

Mohit Gupta wrote:
> Don't understand why Intel has made DRAM controller setup/Ram-init
> documentation NDA,

Many people wonder about the same thing. It's not clear.

> and have made chipset documentation public

The chipset docs aren't really published. Only some parts of them.

> **********************************************************************************************
> Important Note
> This email (including any attachments) contains information which is
> confidential

Why are you sending confidential information in plain text to a
public mailing list which is archived all on the web? That seems silly.
Please make sure not to include any such nonsense disclaimers in your
emails at the very least when you participate in open source projects.


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