[coreboot] Problems with coreboot and SeaBIOS on VIA EPIA-M

xchip at hush.ai xchip at hush.ai
Sun Aug 24 00:53:03 CEST 2014

Hi again,

>could you please check that SeaBIOS’ log level is set to 8 and 
>the .config from it? But probably non-working LZMA decompression 
>is an
>indicator for an incorrect set up already. But we’ll see and maybe
>somebody else has an idea.
I have attached my SeaBIOS .config file. Log level was set to 9.

>PS: If you can, it’d be great if you could just send plain text 
>messages to mailing lists.

Sorry for not sending plaintext. That wasn't my intention. I'm using
a web interface right now, which has done that without me noticing.
I've tried to disable any formatting now. Hope that helps.

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