[coreboot] f2a85-m related topics

Rudolf Marek r.marek at assembler.cz
Thu Mar 28 08:44:43 CET 2013

> Hi Rudolf,
> I just got a f2a85-m CSM to test with here at Sage, but we're still waiting for
> a CPU to drop in before we can do anything.

Great! I tested with some cheapest dualcore CPU I could get.

> I suspect that the crash might be caused by the USB3 controller. It could also
> be the IMC, but I think this is less likely. Both of these run code directly
> from the ROM chip. If you unplug the chip while they're trying to fetch, it's
> not surprising that "Bad Things" happen. You could test for this by doing a
> build that removes these roms and after booting from that version, see if it
> still crashes when the chip is pulled.

Yes IMC seems not to be enabled in legacy BIOS. The USB3 is good idea. But some 
preliminary test showed that turning off SMI helps. I need to re-check again. My 
intention is to make it as friendly as possible for other people so they dont 
need any flashing device, only extra chips.

> The ahci issue with seabios sounds like an issue I fixed in AGESA a couple of
> months ago.
> http://review.coreboot.org/#/c/2165/

Great, I need to check if the issue still exists. I only tried recently with two 
hard drive which it found OK. I was suspecting some kind of PHY problem.

Suspend and resume does not work for me because I'm using 32mbit AMIC chip. I 
have some patch which adds this to coreboot. But not tested yet.

I'm glad that number of users of this board has risen ;) My plan is to add 
support for voltage control stuff too.

> Martin

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