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David Hubbard david.c.hubbard+coreboot at gmail.com
Wed Mar 27 17:04:39 CET 2013

On Wed, Mar 27, 2013 at 9:32 AM, Martin Roth <martin.roth at se-eng.com> wrote:

> On 03/26/2013 01:11 PM, Rudolf Marek wrote:
>> Hi all
>> The board is finally in. I'm aware that David bought it (i think he has
>> f2a85-m CSM version which is USA specific), is there anyone else?
>> PaulePanter maybe?
>> Has anyone tried "hot flashing" ? It seems linux crashes if I simply
>> unplug the flash. I tried to work around and disabled SMI by software. But
>> I want to be sure it happens also to other people.
>> The issue with SeaBIOS is gone. I will post some coded verb fix. Is there
>> a way how to extract verbs for codec from original system? I did simple:
>> cat /sys/class/sound/hwC1D0/init_**pin_configs
>> Is it all?
>> The last, so far known issue is that SeaBIOS likes to boot only from
>> first AHCI port. I need to check this.
>> Thanks
>> Rudolf
>>  Hi Rudolf,
>   I just got a f2a85-m CSM to test with here at Sage, but we're still
> waiting for a CPU to drop in before we can do anything.
> I suspect that the crash might be caused by the USB3 controller.  It could
> also be the IMC, but I think this is less likely.  Both of these run code
> directly from the ROM chip.  If you unplug the chip while they're trying to
> fetch, it's not surprising that "Bad Things" happen.  You could test for
> this by doing a build that removes these roms and after booting from that
> version, see if it still crashes when the chip is pulled.
> The ahci issue with seabios sounds like an issue I fixed in AGESA a couple
> of months ago.
> http://review.coreboot.org/#/**c/2165/<http://review.coreboot.org/#/c/2165/>
This is great! Having sage putting resources into the f2a85-m means a lot!
(the CSM just indicates that Asus will keep the item stocked longer /
support it longer.)

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