[coreboot] To be FAM_F or not to be ?

lautriv lautriv at coldplug.net
Sun Dec 30 12:19:30 CET 2012

On 12/29/2012 11:50 PM, Rudolf Marek wrote:
>> it reports as Family 0x0F, Model 0x21, Stepping 0x02
> In another words 00020F12h  -> check the 25759 Rev. 3.73 October 2007 
> Revision Guide for AMD AthlonTM 64 and AMD OpteronTM Processors
> This is JH-E6, so treat that as socket 939 CPU. Or any "pre_f" family.
> If you got no-ram! error there might be smbus multiplexers. Check orig 
> board for details.
> So forgot on fam_f and concentrate on pre fam-f if above is true ;)
> Thanks
> Rudolf
I have only a newer errata handy, #25759 V3.79 from July 2009 but that 
covers all earlier versions.

It's right that Version matches JH-E6 00020F12h which is a S940 ( S939 
would be 00020F32h ) but
there is nothing in the document ( or i didn't see it ) telling me about 

Your suggestion matches my assumptions because i was able to build 
without FAM_F but i wonder still about

a.) why does it report Family 0x0F when it isn't ?
b.) why is the PCI-ID of the DRAM-Controller the very same like on a 
2220 (Socket F) ?

Regards, Helmut

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