[coreboot] To be FAM_F or not to be ?

Rudolf Marek r.marek at assembler.cz
Sat Dec 29 23:50:12 CET 2012

> it reports as Family 0x0F, Model 0x21, Stepping 0x02

In another words 00020F12h  -> check the 25759 Rev. 3.73 October 2007 Revision 
Guide for AMD AthlonTM 64 and AMD OpteronTM Processors

This is JH-E6, so treat that as socket 939 CPU. Or any "pre_f" family.
If you got no-ram! error there might be smbus multiplexers. Check orig board for 

So forgot on fam_f and concentrate on pre fam-f if above is true ;)


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