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Sun Dec 9 17:34:17 CET 2012

gather that these boards have the problem:

EPIA-M mainboards
EPIA-MII mainboards
EPIA-TC mainboard
EPIA-PD mainboard
VIA EPIA M mainboard
VIA EPIA MII mainboard
VIA EPIA SP mainboard
VIA EPIA CL mainboard

Note that the "fix" is a new BIOS, which is useless to potential LB 
users.  Also, the ML (my board) is not on there, but it has the EXACT 
same symptoms.

>> (mini-itx, preferrably), that has all the usual goodies
>> (IDE,USB,VGA,serial, etc) that is known to work well with LinuxBios?
>> Naturally, one without a VIA chipset?
> Working well with LB is the kicker.  You could join us on the GX1
> quest.  There are several GX1 boards out there.  If you get one like
> Chris's with an external VGA chip then you won't have to mess with the
> VSA stuff.  I think the GX1 is close to working good but it just need
> a few tweaks to get there. 

I'll look into them ...

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