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Sun Dec 9 17:34:17 CET 2012

it seems that one is only meaningful for the extracted image.

My first thought was to just exclude 0x006e000-0x006e8c0
from flashing, but the fact that flash_rom read only 0xff
from 0x0040000-0x005fff0 made me worried.

Do you have any suggestions how to find out whether the
results above are expected?

switch:/storage/LinuxBIOSv2-2251/util/flashrom # ./flashrom
Calibrating delay loop... ok
No LinuxBIOS table found.
Enabling flash write on NVIDIA CK804...OK
SST49LF004A/B found at physical address: 0xfff80000
Flash part is SST49LF004A/B
OK, only ENABLING flash write, but NOT FLASHING.


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