[coreboot] Intel SCH CMC(Chipset Microcode) state machine binary?

Alp Eren Köse alperenkose at buyutech.com.tr
Fri Oct 21 13:41:45 CEST 2011

2011/10/20 Svante Ekholm <svante.ekholm at crosscontrol.com>

> From what I’ve read from the Intel SCH specification, the CMC is a binary
> located at the top of the memory space at locations 0xFFFB0000, 0xFFFC0000,
> 0xFFFD0000 (default) or 0xFFFE0000. The location is determined by how the
> hardware sets two of the GPIO pins of the chipset. Of course these locations
> translate into ROM locations 0xB0000, 0xC0000, … etc, assuming a 1024 kB
> BIOS ROM. The binary is likely 0x10000 B or 64 kB in size. Copy the range
> 0xD0000-0xDFFFF from the vendor BIOS ROM to the coreboot ROM at the exact
> same range. In a 512 kB ROM, subtract 0x80000 from that range.
Hey thanks a lot!
Yep your suggestions really did help:)
I retrieved the CMC binary from the vendor BIOS file(which is read by
flashrom) and put it in coreboot. And now at least I get some serial
But unfortunately I needed a windoz machine to extract the CMC binary, you
can use the CBROM utility like this:
C:\> CBROM32_195.EXE vendor_bios.bin /TOPHOLE:FFFD0000 extract

And that will create a "TOP_HOLE.bin" file which you can place in coreboot,
but make will fail with:
make: *** No rule to make target `"cmc.bin"', needed by
`build/coreboot.pre1'. Stop.
For which you can find the solution at:

> I’m attempting a Coreboot port to another Poulsbo board (the Kontron
> nanoETXexpress-SP) at the moment, so I’ve been following your thread with
> great interest. So far I’ve had about as much success as you, though.

So how far did you get? Do you get any output from the serial? If so where
does it hang?

P.S. Not all cbrom versions have the /TOPHOLE parameter, you can use the
32bit version 1.95.
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