[coreboot] Intel SCH CMC(Chipset Microcode) state machine binary?

Svante Ekholm svante.ekholm at crosscontrol.com
Thu Oct 20 17:52:44 CEST 2011

>From what I've read from the Intel SCH specification, the CMC is a binary located at the top of the memory space at locations 0xFFFB0000, 0xFFFC0000, 0xFFFD0000 (default) or 0xFFFE0000. The location is determined by how the hardware sets two of the GPIO pins of the chipset. Of course these locations translate into ROM locations 0xB0000, 0xC0000, ... etc, assuming a 1024 kB BIOS ROM. The binary is likely 0x10000 B or 64 kB in size. Copy the range 0xD0000-0xDFFFF from the vendor BIOS ROM to the coreboot ROM at the exact same range. In a 512 kB ROM, subtract 0x80000 from that range.

I'm attempting a Coreboot port to another Poulsbo board (the Kontron nanoETXexpress-SP) at the moment, so I've been following your thread with great interest. So far I've had about as much success as you, though.
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Hi all,

I am sorry that this could look like a double post which I asked under the "Getting serial output from w83627hf?" topic but couldn't get any reply. So I thought it is better to ask it in a separate mail, being really a different matter.

Well, I need the Intel System Controller Hub(SCH), Chipset Microcode(CMC) state machine binary
as it is stated in the src/southbridge/inte/sch/Makefile.inc file as:
#We don't ship that, but booting without it is bound to fail

So how can I get this binary? Does it lay in the proprietary bios that I can extract from maybe?
There is something I didn't get as well, is it the same thing with the CPU Microcode? (I have Atom Z510 processor)

I did lots of googling but couldn't find it:( would be grateful if someone can help on this.
Thanks in advance,
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