[coreboot] Hackaton in Prague 2011

Graeme Russ graeme.russ at gmail.com
Mon May 9 14:18:09 CEST 2011

Hi Rudolf,

On 09/05/11 15:37, Rudolf Marek wrote:
> Hi all,
> I think it is time to make a reservation for the Hotel/Hostel. Is there
> anyone else besides Peter, Sven and Florentin? Just reminding that it take
> place in Prague on last weekend in May.
> The Hackaton topics I have in mind:
> * make netconsole work on secondary PCI buses
> * implement a gdb stub for coreboot
> * fix the u-boot patches/submit them

If you like, I can create a coreboot 'test and development' branch in the
u-boot-x86 repository. I think I can relax the rules a little and expedite
patches from your hackathon into a central u-boot git repository as a
'testing' branch isolated from mainline

After the hackathon, the coreboot patches can be cleaned up and
cherry-picked into u-boot-x86 master (after posting on the u-boot mailing
list of course)

Given that the license for u-boot is the same as coreboot (GPLv2 -
preferably later) there should be no problem with any overlap code

Any chance we could get a bit of a design for coreboot/u-boot integration
sorted before the hackathon? For example:
 - Formalising the u-boot payload API. For example ELF/binary,
compressed/raw, passing memory size, temporary stack location, relocation,
transition from u-boot back to coreboot
 - Can u-boot piggy-back on SeaBIOS loaded by coreboot?
 - Can we move more hardware init and drivers from coreboot into u-boot and
provide more commands in u-boot for coreboot supported boards
 - VGA & Keyboard support
 - U-Boot splash screen support
 - Flash updates from u-boot

> * ... (need to get info from the attending guys)
> Thanks,
> Rudolf

I'm really looking forward to the u-boot integration :)


Graeme Russ (U-Boot x86 custodian)

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