[coreboot] Need pointers

Stefan Reinauer stepan at coreboot.org
Sun Jan 2 20:54:32 CET 2011

Hi Keith,

On 1/2/11 3:59 AM, Keith Hui wrote:
> I also want to get the SCSI part of my P2B-LS
> fully working. This also means implementing an option table for this
> board.
Why would that be required?
> I am looking for pointers on what to read to know the relationships
> between option tables, cmos.layout, and where to implement a new
> option, especially one that isn't directly related to the southbridge,
> or is board specific.
See for example src/mainboard/kontron/986lcd-m/romstage.c and
src/mainboard/kontron/986lcd-m/cmos.layout for some mainboard specific

> ---
> For the last few times I have tried leaving the SCSI part enabled on
> the board, I am getting lots of noise from the linux aic78xx driver,
> and the SCSI BIOS, extracted from OEM BIOS image and added to the
> coreboot image, wouldn't even run properly.
This is where you'd want to start debugging, which of course would need
some more detailed information. "wouldn't run properly" is not good
enough for an error report. A log file might be better. Is this with
SeaBIOS? Or with coreboot? With Yabel? Or native?

> Meanwhile I am mapping out where all the factory BIOS settings are in
> the nvram, so I can get the eventual cmos.layout as close to OEM as
> possible. I got some of it mapped out, by painstakingly toggling every
> option in its setup screen that won't immediately brick my test
> machine and taking a before and after nvram dump, looking for
> differences.
Not sure what your goal is with this, but it sounds like there might be
a better way to achieve this.


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