[coreboot] Need pointers

Keith Hui buurin at gmail.com
Sun Jan 2 03:59:44 CET 2011

While I try to help Roger with his raminit problems and/or port
coreboot to SIS630, I also want to get the SCSI part of my P2B-LS
fully working. This also means implementing an option table for this

I am looking for pointers on what to read to know the relationships
between option tables, cmos.layout, and where to implement a new
option, especially one that isn't directly related to the southbridge,
or is board specific.


For the last few times I have tried leaving the SCSI part enabled on
the board, I am getting lots of noise from the linux aic78xx driver,
and the SCSI BIOS, extracted from OEM BIOS image and added to the
coreboot image, wouldn't even run properly. I know the factory BIOS
provides a setting to control the onboard termination of 2 of the 3
SCSI ports on the board (the third is always terminated), and I'm
suspecting this is what making SCSI fail. So I have to implement it.
This is where the option table comes in to play.

Meanwhile I am mapping out where all the factory BIOS settings are in
the nvram, so I can get the eventual cmos.layout as close to OEM as
possible. I got some of it mapped out, by painstakingly toggling every
option in its setup screen that won't immediately brick my test
machine and taking a before and after nvram dump, looking for



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