[coreboot] AMD cache setup is broken

Scott Duplichan scott at notabs.org
Mon Sep 6 19:19:42 CEST 2010

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Stefan Reinauer <stefan.reinauer at coresystems.de> writes:
>> Can you see if the patches posted in
>> http://article.gmane.org/gmane.linux.bios/57707 make any difference for
>> you?
> Did we ever figure out what is causing this?

The last time I really dug into this, it was fairly obvious that it was
caused by instruction fetch thrashing towards the ROM.  I tried to amend
this with MTRR settings, but I was unable to make that work correctly.
For some reason it seemed like the HT requests were sublty changed when
the MTRR was applied, and didn't hit the legacy southbridge properly.

> The patch would require 4KB more stack on all supported systems, so if
> we can we should do things differently.

It doesn't have to be stack, but it is nice to have it memory mananged
in some way.  The unrv2b patch I posted addressing the same problem was
even more kludgy.

> Also, it's not really guaranteed that the code works from the new
> location since we don't compile coreboot with -fPIC (and as far as I
> understand the GCC guys, even that would not help), so I am a bit
> hesitant to check this in.

Agreed, it is a bit icky.  Not sure what the best way to handle that is,
though.  On the pro side, I assume breakage here is going to be obvious,
and (supposing these patches actually help Nick) this is an issue people
are running into with some regularity.


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One necessary condition for caching MMIO such as the flash chip on
AMD family 10h processors is not well known:

If the processor has an L3 cache, then bit 15 of msr C001_102A
(ClLinesToNbDis) must be set. This bit needs to eventually be cleared
in order for the OS to use the L3 cache. But BIOS must not clear this
bit until cacheable accesses to the flash chip are no longer needed.
This situation applies only to family 10h processors that have L3 cache.
Often BIOS clears this bit too early and slow execution results.As an
experiment, you could add code to set this bit before the slow function
and see what happens.

Last night I tried to debug this code on simnow. An HT modeling problem
kept me from getting past HT init. I may try it again today.

The recommended cacheability setting for MMIO is WP. At the point the
simnow model hangs in HT init, the setting is WB. While this should
be OK for family 10h, it will be important to use WP for families
14h and 15. ClLinesToNbDis is properly set for MMIO caching at this point
(HT init):

------------Effective memory type and destination by address------------

             NORMAL    NORMAL    NORMAL     SMM       SMM       SMM
             READ      WRITE     EXECUTE    READ      WRITE     EXECUTE
00000-C3FFF  UC MMIO....................    UC MMIO....................
C4000-CFFFF  WB DRAM....................    WB DRAM....................
D0000-FFFFF  UC MMIO....................    UC MMIO....................

00100000-00FFFFFF  UC DRAM
FFF00000-FFF7FFFF  WB MMIO   <=== really should be WP

-msr c001102a
00000040_010080C8 <=== good at this point


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