[coreboot] how to prevent legacy resource conflict with multiple VGA cards

Scott Duplichan scott at notabs.org
Fri Oct 29 07:29:41 CEST 2010

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]On 29.10.2010 06:44, Peter Stuge wrote:
]> Scott Duplichan wrote:
]>> There must be a pretty basic problem remaining because the driver
]>> fails after a few seconds. Win7 reports that a kernel mode thread
]>> has spent too long in the ATI driver code.
]> I guess that the watchdog is those few seconds. Does graphics work
]> during that time?
]> Could you use windbg to get more details, in particular find out what
]> the ATI driver was trying to do?
]A few shots in the dark, maybe they help.
]Is it possible that the failure reason is totally unrelated to graphics?
]Maybe the ATI driver uses a timer which is set up differently under
]coreboot? Or it is waiting for an hardcoded interrupt or some ACPI event
]which only exists in the reference BIOS? Side note: RS690 ACPI PCI
]config space accesses were broken in coreboot because they assumed
]MMCONF and MMCONF was disabled before starting the payload last time I
]checked. Maybe your issue is related?

Hello Carl-Daniel,

Those are good ideas. I already wondered if maybe the timeout was for no
other reason that a timer running to fast. I can boot the PCI card again
and look for suspicious timer related behavior. 

The reference BIOS does have some ASL I have not studied closely. One
module mentions "code for WMI Overclock function". I assume that works
with some overclocking utility.



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