[coreboot] Wyse S10 Information

Oliver Schinagl oliver at schinagl.nl
Fri May 28 01:04:26 CEST 2010

On 05/28/2010 12:30 AM, Nils wrote:
> Hi Oliver,
> You wrote:
>> I'll check the rom as advised on the list; but I wouldn't be supprised
>> if it was; the IDE port is free and unused
> I think the operating system is in your ide flash board that is laying
> upside down in the corner of your S10 on the photo.(it belongs in the
> ide slot)
>> I then wonder, how the S50 would look like and compares to the S10 ...
> I`l send you a few photos.(i don`t know if the big photos are
> appreciated on the list)
> But i can say that on first glance it looks like they are the same.
> Greetings,Nils
   Your board looks identical. like exactly the same. I notice you have 
a pin in BT1? is that to hook up an internal mini battery to keep the 
bios from resetting?

I notice you removed your bioschip as well, I take it that's for 
testing? I doubt the unit does anything without the bios?

Also I bet, that that IDE flash module yours has, is the 128mb flash 
from the specs. This confirms my suspicion that the S*0 series don't 
utilize the onboard flash possibility the CS5536 has. I read in the 
specs of the CS5535/6 that you can use the bios to choose whether to use 
one of the ports as an external IDE port, or internal flash device (I 
doubt it's in the geode chip) but you have to use the bios to activate 
one of the two, but never both at the same time.

Since the S10 does try to boot from the IDE module (based on activity 
led on it) when selecting the IDE option (PXE/USB/IDE are the only 
options) it can enable it successfully. However if it is not booting 
from IDE module, it disables the IDE ports. If I could only get 
something bootable into that socket, I'd be able to take it from there ...

I'm thinking now of using setpci to just force the port on and hope for 
the best.

BTW, do you actually have Coreboot +seabios working on an S50? Also 
could you paste me your lspci -vvvnnn; specifically for the IDE controller?



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