[coreboot] Indtast Bcc Indtast Bcc Indtast Bcc Wyse S10 and coreboot

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You will need the developer package of pciutils, use the name on the wiki it is in the ubuntu repository.

Yes seabios is the best to start of with, download it via git, and configure it as a payload (se wiki) then make it.

For coreboot al you need to do is pick s50 as the board, pick the right Rom size, point to the payload.
As for network boot you will need an additional tool (look at the wiki).

Mvh Anders

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On 05/21/2010 07:50 AM, anders at jenbo.dk wrote:
> Also check out the required tool chain here
> coreboot.org/Development_Guidelines
I checked those and I have everything on my Ubuntu laptop, except 
pciutils-dev package. Seems like it doesn't exist. I checked through the 
sources and there weren't many header files included; Which files from 
pciutils-dev are needed that wouldn't be in a pciutils package?

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