[coreboot] Indtast Bcc Dell Optiplex GX1 support

Cooper Harrison coop.rocks.123e at gmail.com
Mon May 10 02:23:28 CEST 2010

Is this good for the board Kconfig?

        bool "S1846 (Tsunami ATX)"
        select ARCH_X86
        select CPU_INTEL_SLOT_1
        select NORTHBRIDGE_INTEL_I440BX
        select SOUTHBRIDGE_INTEL_I82371EB
        select SUPERIO_NSC_PC87309
        select ROMCC
        select UDELAY_TSC
        select BOARD_ROMSIZE_MB_2

        default dell/optiplex_gx1
        depends on BOARD_DELL_OPTIPLEX_GX1

        default "DELLOPTGX1"
        depends on BOARD_DELL_OPTIPLEX_GX1

        default n
        depends on BOARD_DELL_OPTIPLEX_GX1

The board has a 2 mb rom, is that a problem?

|-- Kconfig
|-- optiplex_gx1
    |-- Kconfig
    |-- chip.h
    |-- devicetree.cb
    |-- mainboard.c
    `-- romstage.c

Will send the lspci -tvnn as soon as i have access to the machine.

On Sun, May 9, 2010 at 3:33 PM, Anders Jenbo <anders at jenbo.dk> wrote:

> Serial Cable is only for debug output. USB should work fine.
> Start by downloding the source.
>  $ svn co svn://coreboot.org/coreboot/trunk coreboot
> go to the src/mainboard/tyan folder and copy the folder for the s1846, it
> has all the same chips as your board so we will use it to base your board
> of.
> You should call yor dolder src/mainboard/dell/optiplex_gx1. Edit src/mainboard/dell/Kconfig,
> add 'source "src/mainboard/delloptiplex_gx1/Kconfig"' abouve the existing
> source line.
> Open the Kconfig in yor board folder and change all the references to your
> board.
> Run lspci -tvnn and make sure that your devicetree.cb seams to match it's
> output.
> Open mainboard.c and correct the board name.
> Go back to the coreboot folder type make menuconfig, select your board and
> make any other adjustments that you think is needed or would like.
> Exit and save, run make. Hopfully it will compile a 256kb rom image.
> We also need to know somthing about your rom chip so run flashrom and post
> the out put her.
> Next I'll try to help you saifly flash your board and posibly improve the
> support for your board.
> Mvh Anders
> Den 09/05/2010 kl. 18.27 skrev Cooper Harrison <<coop.rocks.123e at gmail.com>
> coop.rocks.123e at gmail.com>:
> Who cares about ACPI! :D I don't have ECC memory either. Can I use an USB
> keyboard as input or do I have to get a serial cable?
> On Thu, May 6, 2010 at 11:24 AM, <anders at jenbo.dk> <anders at jenbo.dk>
> anders at jenbo.dk < <anders at jenbo.dk> <anders at jenbo.dk>anders at jenbo.dk>wrote:
>> Hi
>> As you are the only one who has this board you will have to do a bit of
>> the work your self. But I would be glad to help you, I recently ported
>> coreboot to a 440bx board, Ubuntu boots on it so Debians should work fine.
>> There is still a few limitations in the support for this chip. No L2 cache
>> no ecc memory, only sdram and no ACPI.
>> Also it looks like you won't have support for any legacy I/O (ps2 keyboard
>> pc speaker)
>> You could of ofcourse fix all this by reading the docs an coding a bit of
>> C :)
>> -Anders
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>> By looking at all the supported hardware, it looks like it should work at
>> a minimum amount. It has an Intel 440BX, an Intel PIIX4e and a NSC (formerly
>> National) PC87309. Will I be able to boot Debian and if not, how soon until
>> whoever is working on it estimates they will have it at a working status? I
>> am just wondering as I think it would be cool to have it on my computer.
>>  --
>> Cooper
> --
> Cooper

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