[coreboot] H8QME-2+ boot problems on different machines.

Knut Kujat knuku at gap.upv.es
Thu May 6 09:17:01 CEST 2010

Myles Watson escribió:
>>> I think this can be problematic, since by the time you can dump the
>> factory
>>> BIOS resource allocation has already occurred.  The resource map is only
>>> good for early initialization, before resource allocation, right?
>> hmm. I had always used the bios map as a starting point and it had
>> worked well for me.
> I think most of the time it should work fine, but we have some hard-coded
> addresses where the chipset is expected to live in early setup routines, and
> they might break.
> My resource map sets:
> DRAM mappings for each node
> MMIO mappings for each HT chain
> PCI IO mappings for each HT chain
> PCI Bus numbers for each HT chain
> I think they should only be needed for things like ck804_early_setup_car.c,
> where I/O is being used and set up.  If the mappings aren't configured the
> reads and writes don't reach the chipset.
>> But maybe things are much harder now. It is true that you need to do a bit
>> of
>> interpretation of the map once the factory BIOS has set it up.
>> Does resource allocation get all the bits, even legacy ones? Are there
>> not some resource map values that
>> a resource allocator can not figure out?
> I don't know.  Once resource allocation is done you should know where your
> VGA card is, and where your Southbridge is.  I'm probably missing something,
> but I think once resource allocation is done all of the registers that are
> touched in the resource map have been rewritten.
> Thanks,
> Myles
and thx for your replies so far. For what I understand now is that the
resource map is needed for early initialization work and if I'm booting
my boards without one it is just luck when they work?!
Furthermore I understand that I can't use setpci to dump the vendor BIOS
registers once booted into Linux. Then, unfortunately, my question still
remains about how to set up a correct resource map for my board?
Could anyone who has done one explain how he/she did it?

In the meantime I tried a different resource map from a fam10 board and
it seems to work, but just because sun were shinning ??

Thanks and again sorry for all the question marks,
Knut Kujat.

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