[coreboot] coreboot on "acer aspire 1520"

Paweł Stawicki stawel at gmail.com
Tue Mar 23 17:41:45 CET 2010

W dniu 23 marca 2010 17:10 użytkownik Rudolf Marek
<r.marek at assembler.cz>napisał:

> Hi,
> You have the hang with coreboot already running?

No, I have still problems :(

> How did you setup the northbridge?

I basically used the K8T890 and the vt8737r as the southbridges
(I'm avoiding the code for vt8735 because it dose not always work)

Also, if you need to have APIC working you need:

> 1) set the APIC to FSB mode
> 2) set the VT8735 to APIC mode (might be already check) 0:11.0
> 3) set correctly the bypass de-assert message - some reg 0:11.0
> 4) set correctly (force A2 from APIC FSB to low) some reg 0:11.0
> You need to setup correctly also 0:0.7 offsets 0x70-0x7f
> Otherwise it will not work.
> Basically call vt8237r_cfg
> and disable vt8237r_vlink_init

 Ok, thanks a lot for the hints
I will try this at this weekend,
see what happens
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