[coreboot] coreboot on "acer aspire 1520"

Rudolf Marek r.marek at assembler.cz
Tue Mar 23 17:10:03 CET 2010


You have the hang with coreboot already running?

How did you setup the northbridge?

Maybe just fixing PCI-ids to K8T890 may work (no K8M890).

Most of the regs looks similar! Just looking at their values

Also, if you need to have APIC working you need:

1) set the APIC to FSB mode
2) set the VT8735 to APIC mode (might be already check) 0:11.0
3) set correctly the bypass de-assert message - some reg 0:11.0
4) set correctly (force A2 from APIC FSB to low) some reg 0:11.0

You need to setup correctly also 0:0.7 offsets 0x70-0x7f

Otherwise it will not work.

Basically call vt8237r_cfg
and disable vt8237r_vlink_init

I will go on holiday tomorrow afternoon,


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