[coreboot] Un-brick a GAM57SLIS4

tho.wie at gmx.de tho.wie at gmx.de
Thu Mar 11 00:47:12 CET 2010


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I accidently flashed my Gigabyte GA-M57-SLI-S4 Rev. 1 with a corrupted BIOS file. The board does not boot anymore, just a black screen, no beeps, simply dead.

I would be glad if I could save the money for a new board so I've got the following question:

If I do the hardware-mod as shown in <http://private.vlsi.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de/st/> and can obtain a programmed flash rom with a valid BIOS inside, would it be possible to "reanimate" the board again? Would it be neccessary to remove the original Flash-BIOS or can leave it (permanently switched off) on the board?



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