[coreboot] MSI K9VGM-V(MS-7253)....

Rudolf Marek r.marek at assembler.cz
Thu Mar 4 23:17:35 CET 2010

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I somehow automated the checks for differences between VT8237S and VT8237A. They
look very very similar. I even hacked a coreboot for you. If we are VERY lucky
it can boot linux ;)

I'm attaching the patch. I put for you whole tree on

You now have to use the board M2V-MX SE, it contains already changed serial.

I generated the image for a flash in build/coreboot.rom

It contains an image with SeaBIOS and needs a serial line on 115200 bauds
connected to see something.

Please try. Be sure you can recover if your image does not work!!!! (like from
bad flash of BIOS) Handy would be second flash and hot swap and burn to new one
(so you can use orig bios as backup solution ;)

Please can you post

lspci -xxx -vvv

Because I'm just unsure about one settings of LPC bridge. Maybe you will need to
change the 0x58 register to some other value then 0x43 see the comment in the patch.

SATA may or may not work don't know. Otherwise it looks promissing, but from now
treat the stuff like nothing works and a lot of things may work ;)


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