[coreboot] MSI K9VGM-V(MS-7253)....

Rudolf Marek r.marek at assembler.cz
Thu Mar 4 12:56:34 CET 2010

>  Hello everyone: I had a MSI K9VGM-V
>  based on VIA K8M890CE/8237A which shoud similar to ASUS M2V-VM except
>  super I/O(W83627EHG vs ITE8712).

>How could I port Coreboot to it??

Well you need to do some basic adjustments described bit 

>  And is it possible to make K10(i.e. Athlon II X2/Athlon II X4 which
>  consume less than 95W) to work with it??  Thanks!!

If it fit to the socket then in theory yes, but not sure what changes 
must be made to CPU init.

However there is still one quite big obstacle, the SB VT8237A is not 
VT8237S or VT8237R compatible,
i have the datasheet under NDA, but it would mean to check all register 
settings to see if this chipset implements this same way.

It looks like you will need to treat the VT8237A as "S" variant - all 
PCI ids should be fixed, it could work I can check it in the evening.

I can check all settings but it takes time and you must promise me that 
you will do the port ;)


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