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Uwe Hermann uwe at hermann-uwe.de
Tue Feb 23 16:43:47 CET 2010

On Tue, Feb 23, 2010 at 03:54:41PM +0100, Patrick Georgi wrote:
> The debate about e7501 (dropping or risking broken code in the tree)
> reminded me of an idea I had a while ago:
> Do we want to establish a list of boards and their latest successfully
> tested revision, and all maintainers/testers for each board that agree
> to test changes regularily or on demand (and have the hardware around,
> of course)?
> That way, we'd know who to ask if we make sweeping changes that affect
> the entire tree.

In theory nice to have, but experience has shown that this list will be
ignored and outdated very very soon:


I personally also don't think such a list is _that_ important to have.
In theory _every_ revision should work and as soon as someone finds a
bug / nonworking revision we quickly bisect and make trunk working
again, so not much point in such a list IMHO.

> The other list I'd like to start is a document (on the wiki) that
> explains tree wide changes with the revision in which they happened,
> what happened, and how to replay those changes on a locally modified
> tree - esp. those with new boards.

Yep, this idea I like very much!

> This would help people keeping their local development up to date, and
> it helps with finding the cause of problems.
> Basically, everything that affects the whole tree should be documented with:
> - Rev in which this change appeared


> - Short explanation what happened (maybe just the URL to the mailing
> list archive)


> - Explanation what to change to keep up (incl. scripts, if used)

This one is the most important. It should be a "migration guide"-like
HOWTO a la "change variable name FOO to BAR", "remove all BAZ occurences
in your code" etc. etc.

> - Developer responsible for it

Not sure if this makes sense. And/or it's visible from the Signed-off-by
anyway in most cases.

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