[coreboot] More lists

Patrick Georgi patrick at georgi-clan.de
Tue Feb 23 15:54:41 CET 2010


The debate about e7501 (dropping or risking broken code in the tree)
reminded me of an idea I had a while ago:

Do we want to establish a list of boards and their latest successfully
tested revision, and all maintainers/testers for each board that agree
to test changes regularily or on demand (and have the hardware around,
of course)?

That way, we'd know who to ask if we make sweeping changes that affect
the entire tree.

The other list I'd like to start is a document (on the wiki) that
explains tree wide changes with the revision in which they happened,
what happened, and how to replay those changes on a locally modified
tree - esp. those with new boards.
This would help people keeping their local development up to date, and
it helps with finding the cause of problems.

Basically, everything that affects the whole tree should be documented with:
- Rev in which this change appeared
- Short explanation what happened (maybe just the URL to the mailing
list archive)
- Explanation what to change to keep up (incl. scripts, if used)
- Developer responsible for it

Both of these are only useful if they're generally maintained. Maybe
that's too much effort for the gain, so what do you think?


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