[coreboot] H8QME-2+ boot problems on different machines.

Ward Vandewege ward at gnu.org
Fri Apr 30 17:44:43 CEST 2010

Hi Knut,

On Fri, Apr 30, 2010 at 10:29:59AM +0200, Knut Kujat wrote:
> I now know that I'm  having the same trouble Ward had with his h8dme board:
> http://www.mail-archive.com/coreboot@coreboot.org/msg20923.html
> Could anyone tell if and how he solved his problem?

I have not. Unfortunately, I have had very little time for coreboot in the
past few months, but I do still need fam10 support for h8dme - we have bunch
of those machines that I need to upgrade to coreboot.

It's odd that you are seeing this only on some machines. I only have one
h8dme test box; the others are in production. I have this problem 100% of the
time on my test box. Perhaps figuring out why the problem occurs on only some
of your machines would give a clue as to what could be going wrong?

Does it consistently happen on the machines where you see the hangs? And
never on the others? And the hardware is identical?


Ward Vandewege <ward at fsf.org>
Free Software Foundation - Senior Systems Administrator

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