[coreboot] a small question about building grub2 payload

si dinzi si.dinzi at gmail.com
Fri Nov 20 12:32:22 CET 2009


(I had a good chatting with some of coreboot developers about more than one
year ago, and I really hope I can take part in the bios development, so now
I come back to coreboot to contiune my dream of knowing every instruction
from the computer boot.)

I'm reading the instructions of  building grub2
and found it contains something of coreboot-v3:

$ ./grub-mkelfimage -d . $MODULES -o ..../coreboot-v3/payload.elf
and when I was reading the coreboot manuals, It tells us to use v2, not v3,
so I'm wondering should I use the following command instead?

$ ./grub-mkelfimage -d . $MODULES -o ..../coreboot-v2/payload.elf

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