[coreboot] [URGENT] FOSDEM DevRoom on Saturday 6th of February 2010?

Luc Verhaegen libv at skynet.be
Fri Nov 20 19:49:19 CET 2009

I have been organising the fosdem devroom for Xorg for many years now, 
but i am kind of tired of begging and scraping together talks to fill 
out a rather well-visited devroom. I feel it is better to only spend 
sunday on Xorg and would like to organise a coreboot devroom on saturday 
instead. It will be just as much, or even less organisational labour for 
me, and this way the coreboot can have saturday afternoon for a cool 
devroom on the coolest open source conference around.

Saturday means that we have 5 talk slots, and i would like to see at 
least a few general talks, one general about coreboot, one about 
flashrom (i think carldaniel has already "volunteered" for that one) and 
one about SerialICE. And then we have 2 more slots where we can take 
another topic further in depth.

When i say general here, you don't have to worry about staying shallow, 
the average fosdem visitor is a very experienced user and often a 
developer and is not afraid of technical stuff. General talks about the 
3 main topics mean: start off general, then dive into the nitty-gritty, 
but the situation of coreboot, and the two sideprojects, is that people 
are not that well informed about these projects (it is not something 
that everyone has been exposed to in daily free software use).

Now, why should we do this? Because we really reach a cool audience here 
who will be contributing to the projects later on. It's also a nice 
place to meet up with current contributors. And when the coreboot 
devroom is not on, you can of course go and visit the massive selection 
of other talks and other projects represented at FOSDEM. And when the 
event is over, you get some known people together and go and eat well in 

Fosdem website is here: http://www.fosdem.org you can still check the 
shedules for the previous years.

For those who are interested in coming; you are responsible for your own 
expenses, but FOSDEM is an amazingly good value event. No other 
conference i have visited has given me more knowledge, contacts, or 
motivation than FOSDEM.

I currently do not need to know who will be holding which talk, i just 
need to know that there is enough interest in this, so i can write up my 
proposal (due sunday). If we can get a few of the core european 
developers to come to brussels that weekend, then some can be 
blackmailed into holding talks (:)), and then the whole thing will be a 

Get me some shouts asap, because if i don't get any, i'll just do the 
usual Xorg thing, but without begging this year.

Luc Verhaegen.

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