[coreboot] [v2] ACPI on m57sli

Ronald Hoogenboom hoogenboom30 at zonnet.nl
Wed May 27 19:04:53 CEST 2009

Hi Harald,
Thanks for the response.

Harald Gutmann schreef:
> On Tuesday 26 May 2009 23:07:20 Ronald Hoogenboom wrote:
>> There are still some errors in dmesg regarding ACPI, though, which is
>> probably why the powernow cpu frequency scaling doesn't work yet. Most
>> notably the FACP checksum is incorrect.
> The problem of the FACP checksum I've not been investigating until now.
There were some prototype/pointer type issues I had to fix to get the 
patch compiled in the latest svn code, which was in some checksum 
calculation call. Maybe that's related?
>> For some strange reason, the ethernet device is 'renamed' to eth1, eth0
>> doesn't work.
> This is just udev and or cb related, because cb mac-address differs from the 
> original mac, you chan change that somewhere in the config.lb i think.
I'll find where the mac address is stored and replace it with the same 
one in the factory bios. I thought I did that already long ago, but 
maybe the location has been changed since?
>> I've attached the output of dmesg.
> I'll have a look at that.
> In the last few weeks I've not been working on that patch.
> The state of it ACPI in my cb-tree is ATM the one which is described in the 
> wiki page of coreboot.org, the same with the PCI interrupt problems.
The PCI interrupts seems to be the thing that is fixed by your patch, 
because the nvidia display driver used to complain about interrupts not 
working without your patch, now it works fine.
> Until now it's just the dsdt.asl which needs to be created from scratch, 
> because the used one is taken from the proprietary bios.
> After that step i think it should be possible to commit this code.
Does it also contain fixed powernow speed/voltages for YOUR processor? 
Linux complains about a device not found, which is probably your  
processor, which is different from mine...
> Another thing which could be done, or should be done, is to try to activate 
> the ACPI suspend features, but i don't know the state of the code which has 
> been written by Rudolf Marek for his Asus board.
ACPI power off works fine, which is the most important for me (and 
probably most others...).
> Both, ACPI and PCI stuff, is working here on hardware rev2. I don't know 
> exactly if this is the same for rev1.
I only have a V2 board.
> Furthermore to get M57SLI ACPI support "complete" the acpi_fill_mcfg part 
> should be done, but right now it seems that there is no address available in 
> the cb code which represents the address needed.
Is that essential?
> The thing with m57sli is that v1 and v2 seem the be hardware-different in some 
> interrupt/acpi related parts, so to get a fine patch which solves that problems 
> it would be necessary  to test and correct newly provided patches an both 
> hardware versions.
> For the working NVIDIA card which you pointed out: ATM your dsdt.asl is used 
> to initialize that correctly and that's not the fine way to do it.
> It would be better/easier to correct mptable.c to suite the hardware (which 
> i've allready done for v2 - without testing pci-e 1x) and then continue to 
> create a valid dsdt.asl.
> If you like to help me to get that stuff done, i think I'll have some more time 
> in the next weeks/weekends.
> Kind regards,
> Harald
Thanks, I'll keep you posted.

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