[coreboot] the seabios reboot in the post process

wei yang lostdays_15 at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 4 11:15:21 CET 2009

When I use the seabios as the payload, I got a strange issue.


In the seabios flow:

Post->timer_setup->rtc_updating->inb_cmos function


when run the inb_cmos, it will reboot on the inb operation.


inb_cmos disassemables to fllowing:

out 0x70, value

in value, 0x71.   ----> run here to make the reboot happen.


0x70 is the CMOS index port, 0x71 is the CMOS data port.


I suspect the "in value, 0x71" operation causes a exception and the seabios doesn't have real IDT, so it then make the reboot.

but why it cause the exception is a question for me?

since IO port 0x70 also reponsible for the NMI enble/disable, is it caused the error?


any one has some comments?



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