[coreboot] The VGA rom doesn't work correctly on the coreboot-V2 version for Intel/Truxton platform.

wei yang lostdays_15 at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 4 11:04:58 CET 2009

I have a intel/Truxtion board and would like to try the coreboot on it.

By now, I have successfully built the coreboot for Truxtion with filo payload.


without VGA, it can work through the serial port.

However, when I used the add-on VGA card, it firstly hang in the VGA Option ROM.

After hard debug( the emulator debug is really hard for me, since I can't directly track the OptionROM code I running now), I found the issue.

The OptionROM will check the System Mode Flag(0xffffe), if it is not the 0xfc, it will hang.

However, the coreboot doesn't touch the 0xffffe address. May it is a bug of coreboot.


after fix this issue, the screen can be turn on, but unfortunately, the screen is chaotic. I changed another add-on card and got the same result.


Any idea on it?


by the way, the add-on VGA card I used is Matorx G550.


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