[coreboot] How can I help?

Glenn Kerbein glenn at spontaneousdancing.net
Sat Jan 24 05:35:01 CET 2009

Hello everyone,
    I first stumbled upon this great project a few months back, and was
really intrigued by it. At the time, I wasn't compelled to subscribe to
the mailing list. After seeing Peter Stuge's adress at the 25th Chaos
Communications Camp, I looked up my hardware, and how I can help the
    Currently, however, I'm having some issues with my hardware. On my
local fileserver here, I have an AMD system that uses this board:
 , and is not supported currently by coreboot. Is there some way I can
provide feedback on how to give you hardware specs, etc?
    I also happen to have this machine as my main desktop:
. (Specifications are here:
). The hardware is not supported (since it's an ICH7). Can I help you
all out with this setup at all?

Thanks, and take care.

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