[coreboot] #120: flashrom failure to read

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Sun Jan 18 17:55:25 CET 2009

#120: flashrom failure to read
   Reporter:  toc@…              |          Owner:  stuge   
       Type:  defect             |         Status:  assigned
   Priority:  major              |      Milestone:          
  Component:  flashrom           |        Version:          
   Keywords:  ich9 spi           |   Dependencies:          
Patchstatus:  patch needs work   |  
Changes (by stuge):

  * keywords:  ich9 => ich9 spi
  * patchstatus:  patch needs review => patch needs work


 FYI the lock2 patch with a small change has been committed in r3869. No
 need for more tests yet though. Work is being done on an improved patch to
 check for opcode programming failure. Ultimately this bug will either be
 closed as invalid (because flashrom is powerless to the hardware
 configuration) or changed into an enhancement about making flashrom use
 the hardware sequencing mentioned by Yu Ning.

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