[coreboot] #120: flashrom failure to read

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Sat Jan 17 07:59:17 CET 2009

#120: flashrom failure to read
   Reporter:  toc@…               |          Owner:  stuge   
       Type:  defect              |         Status:  assigned
   Priority:  major               |      Milestone:          
  Component:  flashrom            |        Version:          
   Keywords:  ich9                |   Dependencies:          
Patchstatus:  patch needs review  |  

Comment(by fengyuning1984@…):

 Replying to [comment:14 stuge]:
 > Replying to [comment:10 toc@…]:
 > > program_opcodes: preop=0006 optype=463b opmenu=05d80302c79f01ab
 > > program_opcodes: preop=0606 optype=4fc8 opmenu=0000abab00000220
 > Thanks! On the second call to program_opcodes the list of opcodes has
 been all trashed. I'll look into this a little later and try to provide a

 My fault. r32_0 and r32_1 should be of uint32_t.

 There is only one call to program_opcodes. The first line is values to be
 programmed, the second line is register content after REGWRITEs. REGWRITEs
 did not change the register content(see 'twopatches' for the original
 value) due to the lock.

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