[coreboot] Flashrom live CD

Thomas Prochaska dev at duffd.net
Fri Jan 2 20:38:57 CET 2009


it's all free. i haven't done anything like that before. if i make an 
iso with debian-live with just plain debian main repository and code a 
few scripts myself, what do i have to do to avoid legal trouble or to 
just make it right. i want to give this to the community for free but 
don't know if it's better to licence under gpl, lgpl, bsd or release to 
public domain.
where exactly do i have to include licence text or something?

also i use the coreboot logo (slightly altered for the syslinux screen 
[added white space on the top and bottom, scaled]).

thomas prochaska

Joseph Smith wrote:
> On Fri, 02 Jan 2009 17:53:31 +0100, Thomas Prochaska<dev at duffd.net>  wrote:
>> hi!
>> i'm currently preparing a first release of the flashrom live cd. i'll
>> announce it on this mailing list as soon as it's ready for a first test.
> Excellent I am also looking forward to it. Will the sources be available in
> case we want to include other coreboot utilities?

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