[coreboot] Flashrom live CD

Thomas Prochaska dev at duffd.net
Fri Jan 2 20:27:41 CET 2009


of course. we can refine the iso step by step.
also i thought it would be a good idea to supply different sized versions.
not everyone needs all the packages in the biggest iso and not everyone 
needs a credit-card sized cd.

i already have netcat-openbsd in the package list. is this ok or should 
i change it to the netcat package. the package base is debian lenny main 
(through debian-live).

thomas prochaska

George M. Garner Jr. wrote:
> Thomas,
> If you will permit a request, would you kindly include a version of netcat
> on the CD.  This assumes, of course, that there also will be network drivers
> on the CD.
> Regards,
> George.
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> hi!
> i'm currently preparing a first release of the flashrom live cd. i'll
> announce it on this mailing list as soon as it's ready for a first test.
> regards
> thomas prochaska

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