[coreboot] fam10/newconfig on supermicro h8dme - early hang

Ward Vandewege ward at gnu.org
Fri Dec 18 18:54:07 CET 2009

Hi all,

I'm trying to port the h8dme to fam10. My test hardware has two quad core
CPUs and 32G of ram. I'm seeing a hang very early on during boot:

coreboot-2.0.0-r4978:4979M_h8dme_fam10_Fallback Wed Dec 16 17:29:28 EST 2009

BSP Family_Model: 00100f42
*sysinfo range: [000cc000,000cdfa0]
bsp_apicid = 00
cpu_init_detectedx = 00000000
microcode: equivalent rev id  = 0x1041, current patch id = 0x00000000
microcode: rev id (1062) does not match this patch.
microcode: Not updated! Fix microcode_updates[]
cpuSetAMDMSR  done
Enter amd_ht_init()
 event class: 05
 event: 1004
 data:  04  00  00  01
 event class: 05
 event: 2006
 data:  04  00  02  ff
Exit amd_ht_init()
cpuSetAMDPCI 00 done
cpuSetAMDPCI 01 done
Prep FID/VID Node:00
  F3x80: e600a681
  F3x84: a0e641e6
  F3xD4: c3310f24
  F3xD8: 03001615
  F3xDC: 00005322
Prep FID/VID Node:01
  F3x80: e600a681
  F3x84: a0e641e6
  F3xD4: c3310f24
  F3xD8: 03001615
  F3xDC: 00005322
setup_remote_node: 01 done
Start node 01 done.
pre wait_all_co

It stops in the middle of the output there (hang). This is against svn head.
I'm building with xgcc 4.4.1 (same problem with stock Ubuntu gcc 3.4). I'm
not sure what I'm doing wrong; any pointers to things that I could try?

I've uploaded the code I have so far here, in case you're interested:



Ward Vandewege <ward at fsf.org>
Free Software Foundation - Senior Systems Administrator

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