[coreboot] Launchpad Import

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger c-d.hailfinger.devel.2006 at gmx.net
Sat Dec 12 00:25:44 CET 2009

On 10.12.2009 23:00, Michael Lustfield wrote:
> I created a team/project in Launcpad so this branch can be imported
> into a bazaar branch.
> The project exists on there and is waiting to be imported. This will
> mirror your svn repository and offer to let others pull via bzr.
> I don't know that you can legally say this can't be done because it's
> licensed under GNU GPLv2 but I'd prefer knowing you are ok with this or
> remove it instead.

Sorry, I have trouble parsing that sentence. Could you please reword it?
The coreboot name itself is trademarked, but the source code is
available under the GPL v2.

> Personally, I like using LP because it also tends to get a project
> wider known. I don't know if this project needs wider publicity though.

While coreboot definitely appreciates wider publicity, some of us
believe that Launchpad will be an overall net loss. I'm not a project
leader, so my opinion is just an opinion. Given the fact that quite a
few projects had bad experiences with Launchpad, namely that it
fragments the community and encourages forking, I'm asking you to remove
this project from Launchpad. Feel free to wait for an response from our
project leaders if you disagree.

> So there's 3 options:
> 1) You hate it and request that I remove it (which I will do)
> 2) You don't care either way and feel like ignoring it
> 3) You like it but would prefer to be admin of team that owns it (I'll
>    hand it over)

Of course we enourage everyone to keep a copy of coreboot on his/her
harddisk, regardless of the source control technology they use. Some
people run local (non-public) git-svn mirrors, and others work with
Mercurial. Feel free to keep your own bazaar mirror on your hard disk as
long as it doesn't retrieve the full tree with history from svn on every
update (that would cause excessive traffic costs for the private
individual who is donating the infrastructure for coreboot).

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"We are juggling too many chainsaws and flaming arrows and tigers."

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