[coreboot] Launchpad Import

Michael Lustfield mtecknology at ubuntu.com
Thu Dec 10 23:00:03 CET 2009

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I have been wanting to try out coreboot for a while now. I'm hoping to
get this working on my system right as soon as I send this.

I created a team/project in Launcpad so this branch can be imported
into a bazaar branch. There are a few reason I hate to work with svn
as a back-end to anything. Those reasons don't really matter though.

The project exists on there and is waiting to be imported. This will
mirror your svn repository and offer to let others pull via bzr.

I don't know that you can legally say this can't be done because it's
licensed under GNU GPLv2 but I'd prefer knowing you are ok with this or
remove it instead. I did link to coreboot.org twice and mention the
project is not the official branch/project four different times.

Personally, I like using LP because it also tends to get a project
wider known. I don't know if this project needs wider publicity though.

So there's 3 options:
1) You hate it and request that I remove it (which I will do)
2) You don't care either way and feel like ignoring it
3) You like it but would prefer to be admin of team that owns it (I'll
   hand it over)

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