[coreboot] AMD Geode LX 800 and the CS5536

Vladimir Alexeev vovan.alexeev at gmail.com
Fri Aug 28 11:41:19 CEST 2009

I'm check their mail server via DNS records for gensw.com and the
result is negative.
No mail server registred for this domain. This is realy bad. Seems to
be thier company are closed for contacts via email.

Global crysis must be to eat the GENERAL SOFTWARE.

I'm try to boot linux on this motherboard. But currently without any success.

Myles, Ron thanks for ideas and datasheet for WINBOND W83627HG

I'm checked (with Multimeter turned on resistance meter) the circuits
beetwen COM1 DB-9 coonnectors and PINS number 53 and 54 (Serial Input
& Output for COM/UART A) on the W83627HG.
The reuslt is my COM1 is connected to W83627HG:
DB-9 pin 2 to W83627HG pin 53 - 9kOm
DB-9 pin 3 to W83627HG pin 54 - tester not indicate Resistance, but
i'm not shure that must be.

Motherboard doesn't have any PCI slot for POST card.

How do you thinks - it's possible to do something?

2009/8/28 Gregg C Levine <hansolofalcon at worldnet.att.net>:
> Hello!
> I just checked your facts, Vladimir, regarding General Software at

> http://www.gensw.com and indeed that spot is holding a landing page. (That

> means that the domain is there but no content is available.)
> For me this is sad news as I was a great fan of their embedded DOS.
> However, can you tell us who it is who made the board you are having issues
> with? This might be a big help.
> And of course the usual requests:
> "Can you boot into Linux to do an lspci, etc?  That would be helpful.
>  lspci -tvnn
>  superiotool -dV
>  flashrom -V "
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>> > Yes, this board work with current BIOS. But this BIOS is fully
>> > propretary. I can't to log in BIOS Setup.
>> > Some strings in the image sign to GENERAL SOFTWARE (www.gensw.com) but
>> > their site are closed.
>> Can you boot into Linux to do an lspci, etc?  That would be helpful.
>> lspci -tvnn
>> superiotool -dV
>> flashrom -V
>> Thanks,
>> Myles
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