[coreboot] [PATCH]romfs: change the mechanism that builds the romtool utility

Stefan Reinauer stepan at coresystems.de
Sat Apr 4 11:53:19 CEST 2009

On 04.04.2009 11:10 Uhr, Peter Stuge wrote:
> Patrick Georgi wrote:
>>> Is it too much for us to ask that the cbfs tool is built and
>>> installed into the build system? I think that would be ok.
>> "into the build system"?
> "on the build system" then.
>> With this patch, it's built in util/romtools and then "installed"
>> into the coreboot-build/*/ directories.
> I meant build the tool, then install to /usr/local/bin
> I like that for romcc as well.
This -- imho -- makes little sense for a tool that roughly takes about a
second to compile and serves no other purpose than being a build
requirement for coreboot. It would require us to do version checks of
the utilities, maintain feature lists of working versions, etc. What a
nightmare. Why would we even consider this? Then where would we look for
the binaries? /usr/local/bin? /opt/coreboot/bin on non-linux systems?
What about Darwin? What about Windows? I really don't think we want to care.

Besides, this discussion has nothing to do with the bug fixed by
Patrick's patch.

> If that fails, I think it's ok to at least build each of them in
> their util/ directory and run them there.

We ought to keep our source tree clean and only put objects and binaries
to target/.../ but that's as far as we should go.

> It would be trivial if we did not insist on build directories, but I
> don't believe they will go away.

I suppose you meant it is trivial if we use build directories and build
everything in there?

> At any rate, isn't it actually very easy to build all neccessary
> tools in a common place and then depend on these in each board?
> That way they would only be built once.
Not sure if I get right what you are suggesting. The build tools romcc
and romfs are only built once per image.
Optimizing 1s per image/target by introducing a whole bunch of new
problems and dependencies is an incredibly bad idea.


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